Tokar Estate

Carafe and Tumbler Pack

$130.00 $180.00

Combining the oh-so-drinkable duo of our signature blends, this new pack offers you the chance to have the perfect red on hand, no matter the occasion. 

he idea of the Carafe and Tumbler range is to create fun fruit-driven wines to be enjoyed casually with friends with no fuss. We’re looking for a high yum factor and a drinkability that’s off the charts without being just simple cordial-like wine. 

These blends have been carefully bottled to easily pair with a takeway dish, a platter or to enjoy on their own. 

They are much loved by wine lovers and wine-reviewers alike for their moreish qualities and the unpretentiousness of what they are about. They are a fun red, ready to drink now and enjoy alone or with friends. 

The pack includes three of each blend:

  • 2021 Tokar Estate Carafe & Tumbler CST 
  • 2021 Tokar Estate Carafe & Tumbler Pinot Shiraz 

It's valued at $180 and is priced at $130 with FREE delivery! (VIC Only)




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