Sip & Knit- Tokar Estate X Crumbz Craft June 29/6 or 27/7

If you are looking for a learn to knit experience that will have you laughing, connecting, sipping and creating with friends, then our Learn to Knit | Ruby Beanie in the Round workshop at Tokar Estate is just for you!  

The 2.5 hour step-by-step knitting experience is led by our Crumbz Craft Team, who will not only guide you through each step of the Ruby Beanie but will share many tips and tricks to ensure you leave feeling like an expert. You don't need to worry about bringing any supplies as all the materials you need to make "Ruby" are included in the ticket price, plus you'll also receive a wine experience and morning tea provided by the Tokar Estate team! 

Plus if you'd like to stay on for lunch at the Tokar Estate Restaurant or purchase some wine we've got some special offers for knitters! 


Bookings here