Tokar Estate

2021 Carafe and Tumbler CST



If there is one blend Australia can claim as its own, it’s the Aussie Cab Shiraz. This is Tokar Estate’s modern take on the classic, making it more multicultural with a big dash of the Spanish grape variety; Tempranillo. The grapes were entirely grown from our mature vines in ancient grey clay soils in Coldstream, Yarra Valley with the final makeup being 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Shiraz and 10% Tempranillo.


The idea of the Carafe and Tumbler range is to create fun fruit-driven wines to be enjoyed casually with friends with no fuss. We’re looking for a high yum factor and a drinkability that’s off the charts without being just simple cordial-like wine. 

Blending is the fun part of winemaking with the ultimate goal being to make the sum of the parts raise eyebrows more than the individual components and show greater balance and complexity. That is the case with this wine. The three varieties were picked and fermented separately as several small lots, generally as destemmed fruit and some with added stalks for seasoning. Once pressed off, the wines were matured in large, seasoned French oak barrels in our cool underground cellar where they underwent a long, slow, wild malolactic fermentation. Ten months on, the wines were blended (after much toing and froing of blending trials on the tasting bench) and bottled whilst still bright, fresh and lively.

Sensory Analysis

The colour of the wine is a deep and vivid ruby with a blue tinge, showing its youth. Attractive aromas of coffee, blackcurrant, red liquorice and a little autumnal leaf leap from the glass. The palate is plush, sweet-fruited and savoury at the same time. I’m seeing dark chocolate, blood orange and graphite. It’s a little more serious than first expected with ample fine tannins caressing the mouth on the long finish and a cranberry-like tartness. Whilst we really enjoy the youthfulness of this wine, there’s no rush here. Put a couple in the cellar for later. Food pairing wise, it's a versatile wine and is magic with a lamb chop.

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